Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0000309

Status: Closed Type: Utilities/Telecom
Section: Panel: Kyle,Jones,Miller


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
09/20/02 Order Approving Interconnection Agreement. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 621kb
07/15/02 Interconnection Agreement (Part C). BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1723kb
07/15/02 Interconnection Agreement (Part B) BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1754kb
07/15/02 Executed Interconnection Agreement Between BellSouth And Brooks Fiber Communications Of Tennessee, Inc. (Part A) BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 4744kb
07/15/02 Interconnection Agreement Between BellSouth And MCImetro. (part C). BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1723kb
07/15/02 Interconnection Agreement Between BellSouth And MCImetro. (part B). BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1532kb
07/15/02 Interconnection Agreement Between BellSouth And MCImetro. (part A). BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1479kb
05/30/02 Order Denying Reconsideration, Granting Clarification, And Adopting WorldCom's Final Best Offer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 1506kb
04/30/02 Order Granting Joint Motion For Aribtrators To Resolve Issue. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 311kb
04/24/02 Final Order Of Arbitration Award. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 1329kb
04/19/02 BellSouth's Proposed Contract Language For Issue 28. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 381kb
04/19/02 WorldCom's Best And Final Offer With Respect To Issue 28. WorldCom 442kb
04/03/02 Interim Order Of Arbitrtion Award. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 5579kb
03/28/02 Parties' Joint Motion For Arbitrators To Resolve Issue. Unknown 317kb
02/11/02 Bellsouth Opposition To Worldcom's Motion To Strike Pages Of Bellsouth's Best And Final Offer For Issue 95. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 259kb
02/05/02 BellSouth Files Letter Regarding Response to Motion to Strike. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 194kb
01/28/02 Motion of WorldCom to Strike Pages of BellSouth's Best and Final Offer for Issue 95. WorldCom, Inc. 298kb
01/11/02 Best and Final Offer of WorldCom. WorldCom, Inc. 2050kb
01/11/02 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.'s Best and Final Offers for Issues 55, 67 and 95. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 4315kb
01/11/02 New Page 3 to the Supplemental Brief on Issue 67 of WorldCom. WorldCom, Inc. 171kb
08/17/01 Letter Stating BellSouth and WorldCom Reach Settlement of Issue 39. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 51kb
07/06/01 Post-Hearing Brief of WorldCom. WorldCom, Inc. 3153kb
07/06/01 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.'s Post-Hearing Brief. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 2222kb
06/26/01 Order Granting Motion for Extension of Time to File Post-Hearing Briefs. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 48kb
06/08/01 TRA Notice of Arbitration Hearing Set for Tuesday, June 12, 2001. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 35kb
06/07/01 Motion for Extension of Time to File Post-Hearing Briefs. Unknown 91kb
05/21/01 Errata Sheets to be Appended to the Depositions of Varner, Pate, Scollard and Milner. Unknown 680kb
05/10/01 BellSouth Files Deposition of Mr. Don Price, Hearing Exhibit 7. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 8270kb
05/07/01 Motion of MCIMetro Access Services, LLC and Brooks Fiber Communications of Tennessee, Inc. for Resolution of Issue 105. MCImetro Access and Brooks Fiber 54kb
05/04/01 Application for Permission to Practice - Susan J. Berlin and Dulaney L. O'Roark. Unknown 141kb
05/01/01 Adoption of Issues and Scheduling Order. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 1072kb
04/27/01 Joint Matrix of Unresolved Issues. Unknown 1018kb
04/27/01 BellSouth's Proposed Order of Witnesses. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 42kb
03/21/01 TRA Notice of Arbitration Hearing Set for Monday, May 7, 2001 at 9:00am. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 41kb
02/26/01 TRA Notice of Pre-Arbitration Conference Set for Tuesday, March 20, 2001. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 41kb
12/13/00 Rebuttal Testimony of Don Price Filed on Behalf of WorldCom, Inc. (Confidential Portion on File Under Seal in the TRA Docket Room.) WorldCom, Inc. 79kb
12/13/00 BellSouth's Rebuttal Testimony of the Following Witnesses: David A. Coon, Cynthia Cox, David P. Scollard, W. Keith Milner and Ronald M. Pate. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 4005kb
12/13/00 Rebuttal Testimony of Lee Olson, Karen Kinard, Sherry Lichtenberg, Don Price, and Phillip Bomar Filed on Behalf of WorldCom, Inc. WorldCom, Inc. 8230kb
12/11/00 BellSouth Files Complete Record of Exhibit DAC-2 from David A. Coon's Direct Testimony. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1339kb
12/06/00 BellSouth's Direct Testimony by the Following Witnesses: Cynthia Cox, Ronald M. Pate, David A. Coon, W. Keith Milner, and David P. Scollard. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 14557kb
12/06/00 Direct Testimony of Sherry Lichtenberg, Phillip Bomar, Lee Olson, Don Price, and Karen Kinard Filed on Behalf of WorldCom, Inc. WorldCom, Inc. 8208kb
11/14/00 Proposed Protective Order. Unknown 322kb
11/13/00 Tennessee Matrix of Unresolved Issued Filed on Behalf of MCImetro Access Transmission Services, LLC, Brooks Fiber Communications of Tennessee, Inc. and BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. MCImetro Access and BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1232kb
11/06/00 BellSouth Files Proposed Protective Order. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 29kb
10/27/00 TRA Notice of Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 39kb
10/11/00 Agreement to Mediate. Unknown 85kb
09/14/00 Letter from BellSouth Regarding Proposed Meeting Dates. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 55kb
08/07/00 Notice of Depositions from BellSouth. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 946kb
08/07/00 Notice of Depositions from MCImetro and Brooks Fiber. MCImetro and Brooks Fiber 425kb
08/03/00 Order Accepting Arbitration, Appointing Arbitrators, Appointing a Pre-Arbitration Officer and Directing Mediation. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 132kb
05/09/00 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.'s Response to the Petition for Arbitration Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 Filed by MCImetro and Brooks Fiber. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 4001kb
04/14/00 Petition of MCImetro Access. MCImetro Access 46773kb