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TRA Gas Pipeline Safety Division

Gas pipeline structure

Annette Ponds, Chief

The mission of Tennessee Regulatory Authority's (TRA) Gas Pipeline Safety Division (GPSD) is to contribute to the safety and reliability of intrastate natural gas distribution and transmission pipeline facilities by conducting pipeline safety inspections across the state. It is the goal of the staff to minimize the risk to public health and safety as a result of the unintended release of natural gas from a pipeline.

Public health and safety also depends on maintaining the flow of natural gas as a source of energy necessary to sustain domestic, commercial and industrial activities. In support of this effort, pipeline safety inspections by the TRA's GPSD promote pipeline integrity and reliability. The GPSD inspections promote underground utility damage prevention and public awareness of gas pipeline safety issues. Third party excavation is the leading cause of damage to underground utilities making damage prevention of utmost importance.

Inspection and Investigation

The purpose of the TRA Gas Pipeline Safety Division GPSD inspection process is to minimize risks to public safety associated with the accidental release of gas. (Read more)

Emergency Response

Despite the best efforts of operators and regulatory agencies, natural gas accidents unfortunately occur. It is essential that the public be aware of the dangers of natural gas and that operators be prepared in the event of an incident. (Read more)

Operator Information

Gas utility operators are continually exposed to new or changing federal codes and industry practices. Included in the current information is guidance material on excess flow valves. (Read more)

Master Meter Operators

Master Meter operators must comply with Distribution Integrity Management (DIMP)

Master Meter operators have a unique challenge in oversight of a small gas distribution system. With this in mind, the following links contain information about the relatively new Public Awareness Program and Distribution Integrity Management (DIMP) required of Master Meter operators. (Read more)