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2006 Candidate Audits

Below is a list of candidates subject to audit for 2006.  Each candidate's name will become a link to a pdf version of the audit report after the audit is completed and approved by the Registry.

Full Campaign Audits

William Barker (Supreme Court Candidate)

Phil Bredesen (Gubernatorial Candidate)

Jim Bryson (Gubernatorial Candidate)

Mae Beavers (Senate District 17 Candidate)

Aubrey Givens (Senate District 17 Candidate)

Jesse Jobe (House District 96 Candidate)

Stephen McManus (House District 96 Candidate)

Bob Rochelle (Senate District 17 Candidate)

Michael Swiney (Court of Appeals Candidate)

John Tidwell (House District 74 Candidate)

Robert Wedemeyer (Court of Criminal Appeals Candidate)

Unitemized Contribution Audits

Robert Bibb (2nd Quarter Report)

James Bletner (Pre-Primary Report)

Frank Buck (Pre-General Report)

Chris Crider (Pre-General Report)

Guy Derryberry (3rd Quarter Report)

Thomas DuBois (3rd Quarter Report)

Randy Fairbanks (2nd Quarter Report)

Dale Ford (2nd Quarter Report)

Brenda Gilmore (2nd Quarter Report)

Dolores Gresham (Pre-General Report)

Joey Hensley (Pre-Primary Report)

John Hood (2nd Quarter Report)

John Litz (3rd Quarter Report)

Mark Maddox (3rd Quarter Report)

John Murphy (4th Quarter Report)

Fred Phillips (2nd Quarter Report)

Robert Safdie (2nd and 3rd Quarter Reports)