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2014 Candidate Audits

Below is a list of candidates subject to an audit for the 2014 election.  After the audits are completed and approved by the Registry, each candidate’s name will become a link to a PDF version of the audit.

Full Campaign Audits

Mr. Charles V. Brown, Gubernatorial

Governor Bill Haslam, Gubernatorial

Judge John Westley McClarty, Court of Appeals

Judge Robert W. Wedemeyer, Court of Criminal Appeals 

Justice Gary Wade, Supreme Court

Mr. Steven D. Puckett Jr., House District 45

Representative Courtney L. Rogers, House District 45

Mr. Len Silverman, House District 45

Representative James Coley, House District 97

Senator Steve Southerland, Senate District 1

Unitemized Contribution Audits

Judge David Bragg, Second Quarter Report

Judge Robert Childers, Year End Report

Mr. Anthony Clark, First Quarter Report

Mr. Brent Cooper, First Quarter Report

Mr. Ray Crouch Jr., First Quarter Report

Mr. Mickey Layne, Pre-General Report

Ms. Mary Mancini, Pre-Primary Report

Mr. Louis Oliver III, First Quarter Report

Judge Donald Parish, Second Quarter Report

Mr. Johnny Patton, Third Quarter Report

Judge Mark Rogers, Second Quarter Report

Judge Charles K. Smith, Early Year End Report

Judge Robert Weiss, First Quarter Report

Mr. David Wolfe, Year End Report

Mr. Cedrick Wooten, Second Quarter Report