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Southern School News Collection

Strongest Civil-Rights Bill Becomes Law

Southern School News was published by the Southern Education Reporting Service (SERS), a fact-finding agency established by southern newspaper editors and educators with the aim of providing unbiased information to school administrators, public officials, and interested lay citizens on developments in education arising from the U.S. Supreme Court opinion of May 17, 1954, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.

The Volunteer State Goes to War: A Salute to Tennessee Veterans

The Volunteer State Goes to War: A Salute to Tennessee Veterans is an online exhibit that chronicles the exploits of heroic Tennesseans who have served in the military during wartime.

See the section on the Korean War, featuring Cold War After 5 O'Clock political cartoons from the Jack Knox Papers.

See the section on the Vietnam War, featuring items from Christopher Ammons Papers.

Christopher D. Ammons
Vietnam War Collection

Christopher Ammons

The Christopher D. Ammons collection documents his military service during two tours in Vietnam (1967-1970). The collection includes wartime photographs of Vietnam, letters from the front, military documents typical of the period, and souvenirs collected by Ammons from his time “in country.” The material will be of significance to researchers interested in the Vietnam War and its veterans, the experiences of soldiers in modern warfare, and/or the military aspects of United States political history during the 1960s and 1970s.