Geographic Information Systems

An Overview of GIS at TWRA

Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to develop, maintain, map and report geospatial information on fish and wildlife, wildlife users, cultural and natural resources, wildlife habitat, public land ownership and the environment.

The professional GIS staff at TWRA have backgrounds in natural science and computers that allow them to make the conclusions necessary to provide reliable information to other biologists and decision makers. They create and maintain the data, work on several ongoing TWRA projects, provide technical support to part-time users, provide maps to TWRA and cooperating agencies, and develop presentations for TWRA employees. Their work has been published in newspapers, newsletters, manuals, magazines, and proceedings.

The TWRA GIS offices maintain many data types including, but not limited to the following: boating resources, land use/land cover, municipal boundaries, public lands, roads, state and federal parks, streams and reservoirs, wetlands and Wildlife Management Area Maps (WMA).

We also attempt to provide access to other GIS resources such as GIS spatial data provided by the Tennessee Spatial Data Server sponsored by the Tennessee Federal GIS Users Group, digital National Wetland Inventory (NWI) GIS data and TN Map, Tennessee's Enterprise GIS Portal

We are unable to fulfill customized map requests