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Source: National Wetland Inventory - NWI (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - USFWS)

Anderson Bedford Benton Bledsoe Blount Bradley Campbell Cannon Carroll Carter Cheatham Chester Claiborne Clay Cocke Coffee Crockett Cumberland Davidson Decatur Dekalb Dickson Dyer Fayette Fentress Franklin Gibson Giles Grainger Greene Grundy Hamblen Hamilton Hancock Hardeman Hardin Hawkins Haywood Henderson Henry Hickman Houston Humphreys Jackson Jefferson Johnson Knox Lake Lauderdale Lawrence Lewis Lincoln Loudon McMinn McNairy Macon Madison Marion Marshall Maury Meigs Monroe Montgomery Moore Morgan Obion Overton Perry Pickett Polk Putnam Rhea Roane Robertson Rutherford Scott Sequatchie Sevier Shelby Smith Stewart Sullivan Sumner Tipton Trousdale Unicoi Union Van Buren Warren Washington Wayne Weakley White Williamson Wilson

TO PREVIEW: National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) data for an entire county, click the number of the county from the image map above or chose the county name from the table list below. You will be redirected to a PDF that presents available NWI wetlands data for that county and includes a USGS 1:24,000 quadrangle index overlaid.

TO ORDER: 1:24,000 scale hardcopy of NWI wetland information for the area of a specific USGS quadrangle, use the preview image of the county described above to determine the name of the appropriate USGS quadrangle, and contact Tracy Jackson via phone (615.781.5278), fax (615.781.6683) or email Tracy.Jackson@tn.gov (only 'Blue Line' copies of mylar are offered for $5.00 each plus shipping. Unless otherwise requested we ship the blue line copies via regular parcel post.)

TO DOWNLOAD: digital NWI data by Tennessee county, go to the Data Collections Page at the Tennessee Spatial Data Server. To view the status and extent of USFWS NWI mapping activities nationwide, go to http://www.fws.gov/nwi/.

County List for NWI Preview Maps

1. Anderson

20. Decatur

39. Henderson


77. Sequatchie

2. Bedford

21. Dekalb

40. Henry

59. McMinn

78. Sevier

3. Benton

22. Dickson

41. Hickman

60. Maury

79. Shelby

4. Bledsoe

23. Dyer

42. Houston

61. Meigs

80. Smith

5. Blount

24. Fayette

43. Humphreys

62. Monroe

81. Stewart

6. Bradley

25. Fentress

44. Jackson

63. Montgomery

82. Sullivan

7. Campbell

26. Franklin

45. Jefferson

64. Moore

83. Sumner

8. Cannon

27. Gibson

46. Johnson

65. Morgan

84. Tipton

9. Carroll

28. Giles

47. Knox

66. Obion

85. Trousdale

10. Carter

29. Grainger

48. Lake

67. Overton

86. Unicoi

11. Cheatham

30. Greene

49. Lauderdale

68. Perry

87. Union

12. Chester

31. Grundy

50. Lawrence

69. Pickett

88. Van Buren

13. Claiborne

32. Hamblen

51. Lewis

70. Polk

89. Warren

14. Clay

33. Hamilton

52. Lincoln

71. Putnam

90. Washington

15. Cocke

34. Hancock

53. Loudon

72. Rhea

91. Wayne

16. Coffee

35. Hardeman

54. Macon

73. Roane

92. Weakley

17. Crockett

36. Hardin

55. Madison

74. Robertson

93. White

18. Cumberland

37. Hawkins

56. Marion

75. Rutherford

94. Williamson

19. Davidson

38. Haywood

57. McNairyl

76. Scott

95. Wilson

Disclaimer: The wetland information was obtained by the US Fish and Wildlife Service using high altitude aerial photography. The wetland types were classified in accordance with Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States (FWS/OBS - 79/31 December 1979). The aerial photos were taken in the early 1980s. Due to the margin of error inherent in aerial photograph interpretation and the number of years having passed since the information was gathered it is recommended that a visit to the site be made in order to verify the information found on the map or digital database.