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What's New For 2013-2014

  1. Crockett County was moved from Unit A to Unit L for white-tail deer hunting.
  2. Number of antlerless deer hunts will increase in Anderson, Bledsoe, Bradley, Carter (excludes Cherokee WMA), Hamilton, McMinn, Rhea, Roane, Sequatchie, and Sullivan (excludes Cherokee WMA) counties.
  3. Outside of deer season, red deer may be taken after requesting a free permit from the Region IV office. No limit, either sex. Red deer may also be taken by legal deer hunters during deer seasons without a permit.
  4. Monroe and Polk County’s bear hunting dates were changed so they match the seasons on the South Cherokee WMA.
  5. The November bear season dates were moved to Nov. 23–26 to preventoverlap of still and dog hunts which have resulted in a net loss of days.
  6. Changed fall turkey bag limit in Carroll and Weakley counties from one to three.
  7. Changed fall turkey bag limit in Lawrence, Giles, and Wayne counties from three to one.
  8. Changed fall turkey bag limit in Lincoln County from six to three.
  9. Added fall turkey bag limit of one for Meigs, Rhea and Roane counties.
  10. Added one new WMA in Region 1 - Parker Branch which is located in Gibson County.
  11. Added two new WMAs in Region 3 - Harp located in Bledsoe County and McGlothin-Largin located in Roane County.