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Distinguished Flying Cross Plate

Provides for any prisoners-of-war, who are Tennessee residents, to apply for and receive two (2) special free vehicle license plates.

TCA 55-4-235 -

POW - Former Prisoner of War - This plate is available to Tennessee residents who are registering a private passenger motor vehicle and are former prisoners of WWI, WWII, the Korean War or the Vietnam War or the surviving spouse of such prisoner of war. There is no annual fee for automobile registration for the first two plates. The annual fee for additional plates for automobiles is $21.50. This plate is also available for motorcycles at no charge if the conditions for the free plate are satisfied. Otherwise, the cost is $16.75 for the initial issuance and $14.50 for renewal. This plate cannot be personalized.

Notes: The application should be accompanied by a certificate from the U.S. Defense Department stating the period of time the applicant was a prisoner of war. In the case of an application for continuation of a license plate or plates held by a spouse of the deceased prisoner of war, a copy of the death certificate should be submitted. A surviving spouse is entitled to the plates until such time as they remarry.

For office use only: Class Code - 3340 (Permanent Plate, no fee); 3341 (Plate with fee); 5515 (Permanent Plate, no fee - motorcycle); 5516 (Plate with fee - motorcycle)