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Distinguished Flying Cross Plate

Purple Heart - This plate is available to Tennessee residents who are registering a private passenger motor vehicle and are holders of The Purple Heart Medal. A copy of Form DD214 or the equivalent prior to 1951 (WWK 53-55), indicating the individual has been awarded the Purple Heart should accompany the application for registration. In the event neither form is available, but there is other documentation which indicates the awarding of the Purple Heart, that documentation should be forwarded to the Taxpayer & Vehicle Services Division prior to issuing the plate in order that the Department of Revenue may consult with veterans' groups to ascertain eligibility. There is no annual fee and the plate cannot be personalized. A disabled veteran may have two plates.

For office use only: Class Code - 3349 (Combat Wounded with fee); 3350 (Combat Wounded no fee); 5517 (Combat Wounded with fee - motorcycle); 5518 (Combat Wounded with fee - motorcycle)