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United Tennessee Veterans Association (UTVA)

United Tennessee Veterans Association (UTVA) provides communication, cooperation, and unity among affiliated organizations in matters relating to Veterans and their family members. UTVA has created and cultivated a cooperative and non-partisan relationship among all federal, state, local, private and public agencies and organizations that provide services to Tennessee Veterans and their family members.

Upcoming UTVA Meetings

The next United Tennessee Veterans Association (UTVA) meeting will be on Tuesday, December 2 at 1pm in Room 31 in Legislative Plaza. The topic we will discuss is Veteran Suicide Prevention. We will hear from Marine Veteran Zachary Bell from Courage Beyond to talk about their program. We will also hear from Marine Veterans Stephen Cochran and Daniel Dean who will talk about the #Stop22 Initiative. As many of you know, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs released a study on Veteran suicides in 2012 that stated the average trend nationwide is 18 to 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. Daniel and Stephen have picked up the fight to prevent Veteran suicides. They will share their stories and what they are doing to raise awareness about Veteran suicides and the need to ensure Veterans know there is help. Also, per the UTVA meeting rotation, Deputy Director Suzanne Jene' will present from the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System and Executive Director Ed Harries will present on behalf of the Tennessee State Veterans Homes.




September 9, 2014

Watch archived UTVA Meeting, Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Past UTVA Meetings

Articles of Agreement
Articles of Agreement

Everything Veteran.Pdf
VAMC Mt Home UTVA Presentation June 2014.pdf
VARO_UTVA Briefing - Sep 2013 Presentation
Dignity-Homeless Vetern Program Presentation
Mt Home VAMC Presentation
Unclaimed Remains and Online Pre-registration

Governor Council for Armed Forces, Veterans and their Families presentation-Dec 2013 Tennessee Rehabilitation Center Presentation (TBI Program)-Dec 2013 Tennessee State Veterans Homes Presentation-Dec 2013.pdf
VARO-Nashville-UTVA Presentation March 2014

TDVA Veterans Treatment Court Presentation

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September Reports
Tennessee State Veterans Homes September UTVA Report.pdf
Disabled Veterans of America September 2014 UTVA Report.pdf
Operation Stand Down September 2014 UTVA Report.pdf
VAMC-Memphis September 2014 UTVA Report.pdf
VAMC-Mt Home September 2014 UTVA Report.pdf
Vietnam Veteran of America September 2014 UTVA Report.pdf

June Reports
Vietnam Veterans of America UTVA Report-June 2014.pdf
Nashville VBA Regional Office UTVA Report JUN 2014.pdf
Operation Stand Down-Nashville UTVA Report June 2014.pdf
Tennessee Veterans Home Board UTVA Report-June 2014.pdf

March Reports
UTVA VAMC Memphis March 14
WWP UTVA Report 2nd Qrt FY14
UTVA WVA Ch 20 Report March 2014
UTVA VAMC Mountain Home March 14

Archived Meetings
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Watch archived UTVA Meeting Tuesday, September 4, 2012
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UTVA Meeting Minutes
Minutes - June 3, 2014
Minutes - March 24, 2014
Minutes - December 10, 2013
Minutes - September 10, 2013
Minutes - June 4, 2013
Minutes - March 5, 2013

Past Agendas
September UTVA Agenda.pdf
June UTVA Agenda.pdf
March 2014 UTVA Agenda

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