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DCS Enterprise Service Desk

Who We Are

There's more to support than just TFACTS. That's where the DCS Enterprise Service Desk comes in….they'll provide customer support for everything else! Whether its mapping network drives, resetting passwords, or solving email problems, the DCS Enterprise Service Desk will strive to resolve the issue and get the customer back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

DCS Enterprise Service Desk members are:
• Phillip McEwen
• Joanne Ford
• Sean Myers
• Melody Armstrong
• Scott Deszell
• Jo Lynn Nenahlo

Contact Information:
Local: 615-741-4636
Toll Free: 888-853-4636

Our Mission

To promote best practice and enhanced outcomes through continued learning and improvement. We will work to track, understand, and inform decision-making around initiatives and activities impacting the DCS community. As we do this work, which includes providing technical assistance and training, we will do so in a manner that supports the needs of the members of the DCS community, recognizing each member's right to be treated with genuineness, empathy, and respect.