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DCS Manuals, Plans and Handbooks

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Adoption Best Practices Manual
A Case Worker's Guide to Opening and Transitioning Cases
Anonymous Voluntary Abandonment Information
CQI Program Manual 2014
Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Assessment Manual
Classification and Individual Program Plan Manual
Client Rights Handbook / SPANISH Version
Determinate Commitment Sentence Manual
Documentation of the Family Functional Assessment Manual
Documentation of the Resource Family Home Study
Emergency Response Preparedness Planning Instruction Guide
Emergency Response: Department Basic Plan
Employee Recognization and Appreciation Program Guidebook
Evacuation Plan
Exposure Control Manual for Blood Borne Pathogens
Family Advocacy and Support Tool Manual
HACCP Based Food Safety Plan for YDCs
ICJ Rules
ICPC Practices and Procedures Manual
Incident Reporting Manual for YDCs
Institutional Maintenance and Construction Guidelines
Identifying and Accessing Independent Living Services Manual
    • How to Enter Casey Life Skills Assessment Information in TFACTS
    • How to Create and Administer the Casey Life Skills Assessment
    • Independent Living Handbook
Independent Living and Transition Planning Guide
    • Guide for Developing an Independent Living Plan for Youth Ages 14 and Up
    • Guide for Developing a Transition Plan for Youth Ages 17 and Up
    • Guide for Developing a Transition Plan for Young Adults Receiving Extension or Re-Establishment of         Foster Care Services
Manual for Developing and Maintaining Policies and Procedures
Occupational Safety and Health Program Plan
Predisposition Report Manual
Private Provider Manual (PPM) - effective 7/1/2011
Profile of Parenting Study Tool Manual
Resource Parent Handbook
Safety Procedures Handbook-Cordell Hull
SDM Intake Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual
Subsidy Manual
Volunteer Coordinator's Procedures Manual
Worst Case Scenarios-Tips for Off-Site Safety

  Clients' Rights - English
  Clients' Rights - Spanish
  Parents' Bill of Rights - English
  Parents' Bill of Rights - Spanish
  It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child 1
  It Shouldn't hurt to be a Child 2

  Information for Women Under 18 Who Are Pregnant
  A Family's Rights - Multiple Response Approach
  Resource Parents - New Directions for a Child's Life
  Relative Caregiver
  Mobile Crisis Youth Villages (age 17 and under)
  Mobile Crisis Adult Services (age 18 and over)