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The Department of Children’s Services’ Education Division works to ensure and promote appropriate and successful educational programming for all children and youth in state custody under the department’s care.

The department employs Education Specialists in each of the department’s 12 regions. These specialists advocate for students in state custody who attend both provider in-house schools and public schools throughout the state. They meet with schools and attend Child and Family Team Meetings/IEP team meetings to assist with issues regarding school enrollment, school records, discipline, and the provision of special education and related services. They also provide ongoing educational training for resource parents, family service workers, and other DCS staff.

The Education Division central office is primarily responsible for operating the DCS special school district. The division works daily with the Youth Development Center (YDC) schools to ensure implementation and compliance with the Tennessee Department of Education rules and regulations related to state mandated testing, special education/Section 504 law, teacher licensure, textbook services, curriculum implementation, and graduation standards. In addition, the central office education staff is responsible for providing technical assistance and general oversight to provider in-house schools and supervising the daily activities of the regional Education Specialists throughout the state.

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