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Provider Policies and Manuals

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TFACTS Documents

Private Provider Manual (PPM) - effective 7/1/11
   • Cover Page - Table of Contents
   • Section 1 Core Standards
   • Section 2 Foster Care & Resource Homes
   • Section 3 Congregate Care
   • Section 4 Continuums
   • Section 5 Unique Care, Special Needs & Special Populations
   • Section 6 Primary Treatment Centers & Detentions
   • Section 7 In-Home Services
   • Section 8 Adoption
   • Section 9 Listing of Attachments
   • Section 10 Glossary
   • Addendum Level 2 SN Continuum JJ, effective 02/12/2012

DCS Policies
Facility & Group Care IV-E Compliance Protocol
DCS Board Rate (Effective 06/01/2009)
Educational Workplan for Children
Enhanced L3 Sex Offender Services - General
Enhanced L3 Sex Offender Services - MR
Enhanced Level 2 A&D Services
Enhanced Level 3 A&D Services
Fiscal Guidelines for Service Providers
Legal Issues for Resource Parents
Regional Placement Services Division Support Guide NEW
Resource Parent Handbook

Subcontracting Information
   • Sub-contracting Procedures
   • Licensure Matrix
   • Individual Subcontract
   • Non-PBC Subcontract
   • Performance Based Subcontract
   • Subcontract Template

Conflict of Interest
   • Individual Conflict of Interest Statement
 • Contractor List of Owners and Board Members