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Tennessee Family and Child Tracking System (TFACTS)


TFACTS Application

Incident Reporting

The TFACTS Mission: To provide automated technology solutions to Tennessee's state child welfare agency that supports service delivery and practice for the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families.

TFACTS is DCS’ comprehensive Case Management System that assists staff in managing their workloads and provides accurate & current data to assist in decision-making and program modification.

TFACTS is a web-based application that provides DCS Staff and Private Providers the ability to access information wherever they can connect to the Internet. TFACTS supports DCS’ family-centered practice and provides users with a complete picture of the services provided to families and children.

TFACTS is Tennessee’s SACWIS, or State Automated Child Welfare Information System. SACWIS is a federal program that provides participating State’s with funding to develop information systems to support family preservation, foster care and adoption case management.

In exchange for the additional funding provided to a State that elects to implement a SACWIS, the State must agree that the SACWIS will be the sole case management automation tool used by all public and private social workers responsible for case management activities. Furthermore, staff is expected to enter all case management information into SACWIS so it holds a State's "official case record" - a complete, current, accurate, and unified case management history on all children and families served by the Title IV-B/IV-E State agency.

TFACTS is one of 35 States whose SACWIS is in Operational status.

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