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Resource Parent Course Catalog

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For a printable version of the Resource Parent Course Catalog, click here.

In-Service Courses

Child Development
(2 hours)

This workshop enables participants to have a better understanding of age-appropriate behaviors for the children they are parenting, as well as help them identify behaviors that might indicate a problem. Participants also learn the stages of child and adolescent development. Finally, parents are able to explore how some forms of maltreatment affects a child's development.

Cultural Awareness for 1st Year Resource Parents
(1 hour)

****Coming Soon****

Cultural Awareness for 2nd Year Resource Parents
(1 hour)

****Coming Soon****

Family Dynamics
(3 hours)

*Required for Kinship Families

Family Dynamics never remain the same. The dynamics are constantly shifting based on a number of factors including family members' differing communication styles, traditions, and changes in parental roles, such as the ones required when families become a kinship placement. This workshop allows participants to explore ways to adapt to the changes in the family dynamic as a result of a kinship placement.

Family Role Conflict
(3 hours)

*Required for Kinship Families

This workshop allows participants the opportunity to learn techniques to address role conflict within their family as a result of a kinship placement.

Fostering Positive Behavior
for Resource Parents
(3 hours)

This course is an interactive DVD series which demonstrates best practice in behavioral problem-solving methods and highlights prohibited behavioral practices. Participants will learn how to apply principles of DCS work to specific issues of behavior management, how to approach the behavioral issues of children in state custody, and how to demonstrate effective behavioral problem-solving methods.

Helping Children Make Transitions
(3 hours)

This course provides participants with information that will help them to work with children who are in transition. Understanding the issues faced by these children and their families as they move from one setting to another is the focus of this course. Techniques to help children through this time of trauma, with emphasis on maintaining significant relationships, are discussed.

Parenting the Youthful Offender
(9 hours)

This course is required for all resource parents fostering delinquent youth. This class allows resource parents to explore the benefits of fostering a delinquent youth. Participants will gain knowledge helpful in assisting a delinquent youth in addressing challenging behaviors, delinquent behaviors, adolescent development and transitioning to home or independent living placement.

Parenting the Sexually Abused Child
(3 hours)

This training addresses issues of coping with and responding to disclosures, managing sexual acting-out behaviors, developing family rules that are relevant to the sexually abused child, understanding myths and realities of sexual abuse, realizing the important role of therapy, and understanding potential outcomes for children who have been victimized.

Working with Birth Parents
(3 hours)

This course helps everyone involved in foster care gain an appreciation for the critical role of birth parents in the lives of children in care. Participants will have an opportunity to explore the impact that a child’s history and visits with his/her parents have on behaviors.

Working with the Education System
(2 hours)

This training will help Resource Parents to develop positive relationships with local school systems. Topics include: obtaining and sharing the Education Passport (school records), navigating the special education process, consulting your Education Specialist, understanding DCS education policies, and collecting information for use in Child and Family Team meetings.

CPR/First Aid and Medication Administration

CPR and First Aid
(4 hours)

This course is required for all resource parents, instructing participants in basic CPR and first aid skills that can sustain or save a life while professional emergency help is on the way. This training will make the home and work environment safer by preventing illness and injury as well as quickly recognizing and responding to emergencies.

CPR and First Aid Certification
(8 hours)

The purpose of this training is to make the home and work environment safer by educating resource parents in CPR and First Aid. This course is an interactive training with classroom lecture, DVD material, skills demonstration, and testing. Upon completion of all requirements, participants will receive their provider certification in CPR and First Aid.

Medication Administration
(4 hours)

This course is required for all DCS resource parents every two years after approval. The class provides resource parents with the knowledge to safely and effectively administer medications to children in care. Topics included in this class range from self storage and disposal of medication to common errors in medication administration.

Medication Administration Refresher Course (2 hours)

*****Coming Soon*****

Elective Courses

Engaging and Parenting Teens
(2 hours)

This course is an elective class for resource parents after their PATH approval. This course will showcase the benefits of being a resource parent for teens and discuss adolescent development in relation to behaviors, identity, peers, and family and the relationship between interdependence and positive youth development.

Managing Crisis
(3 hours)

This class prepares participants for the predictable periods of crisis that are a part of being a resource family. It helps the families to think about these difficult periods as opportunities for their families to grow closer and for family members to strengthen their commitment to one another. Participants are also given the opportunity to practice their crisis intervention skills through a team activity. They will develop their first preventive or proactive family plans and sharpen their skills for assessing their own family resources and strengths.

Partnership in Action
(2 hours)

This course will examine the meaning of partnership of with DCS staff, resource parents, and birth parents working together for the same goal.

Positive Discipline 2
(3 hours)

This training revisits information on discipline that was discussed during PATH classes, and additional discipline techniques such as rewards, behavior modification, involving the child in behavior replacement, and natural consequences are explored.

Professionalism and Ethics
(1.5 hours)

The training will allow participants to define professionalism and identify qualities expected of professionals. Participants will be able to recognize how resource parents are professional members of the team and become familiar with the Code of Ethics for Resource Parents.


Foster Parent College Courses-Please contact your DCS PATH Specialist assigned to your grand region to register for on-line courses.

4507 ADHD/ADD/ODD 4515 Positive Parenting II
4508 Anger Outbursts 4516 Positive Parenting III
4525 Anger Pie 4537 Reactive Attachment Disorder
4532 Child Abuse & Neglect 4530 Relationships: Strengthening Communications
4539 Child Safety & Supervision 4544 Running Away
4509 Childhood Anxiety Disorders 4527 Safe Parenting
4524 Children with Autism 4536 Self-Harm
4526 Culturally Competent Parenting 4534 Sexualized Behavior
4510 Eating Disorders 4533 Sleep Problems
4511 Fire Setting  4517 Stealing
4540 Grief &Loss in the Foster Care System 4538 Substance-Exposed Infants
4531 House Safety 4535 Wetting & Soiling
4512 Kinship Care 4528 Working with Birth Parents
4513 Lying 4529 Working with Schools
4514 Positive Parenting