Server Training Programs

A certified training program is an alcohol awareness program which has met all requirements and has been approved by the commission.

  • In-house training program: an alcohol awareness training program which is presented exclusively to educate employees of a single business entity or multiple locations/franchises under a common ownership interest.
  • Law enforcement program: an alcohol awareness program which is sponsored and taught by local law enforcement personnel in the performance of their regular duties. Any person may attend such programs.
  • Public training program: an alcohol awareness program which is presented to educate individuals regardless of employer affiliation. Such programs may be presented by either nonprofit or for profit entities. Any trainer within a public training program may choose to conduct the program only for his own employees.

Certification is valid for one (1) year only to renew annually.

You can apply to become a training program using RLPS


  • You must be a person, corporation or entity and you must complete the application process to become a server training program.