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Staff Directory

Commission Members
Name Location Position
Richard Skiles West Tennessee Commission Member
John Jones East Tennessee Commission Member
Bryan Kaegi Middle Tennessee Commission Member
Nashville Office | (615) 741-1602
500 James Robertson Pkwy, Nashville, TN 37243-0755
Davy Crockett Tower 3rd Floor
Name Phone Position
Clayton Byrd   Executive Director
Zack Blair 615-741-7628 Assistant Director
Bond Tubbs 615-741-7536 Chief Law Enforcement Officer
Josh Stepp 615-741-8916 Commission Counsel
Keith Hollingshead-Cook 615-741-8930 Commission Counsel
Nancy Townsend 615-360-4453 Administrative Services Director
Melvin Brown 615-741-7608 Special Agent in Charge
Mark Reineke 615-253-4630 Director of Risk Management
Nichelle Dorroh 615-253-1352 Executive Administrative Assistant
Chris Dowell 615-741-8928 Information Technology Director
Rosemary Adams 615-741-7560 Retail, Wholesalers, Distilleries and Wineries
Denise Black 615-741-7609 Server Training and Responsible Vendor Program
Donna Bryan 615-741-7612 Human Resources
Joyce Cathey 615-741-7633 Permitting
Brandy Crissman 615-770-1703 Wine In Grocery Stores
Nagwa Eskander 615-741-2298 Reception and Cashier
Judy Hamilton 615-741-7580 New Liquor By the Drink and Special Occasion
Chris Kim 615-253-0651 Information Systems and Technology
Charlene Martin 615-741-9240 Permitting
Lauren Parker 615-741-8881 Human Resources
Melissa Proctor 615-741-7613 Liquor By the Drink Renewals
Hayword Reed 615-741-7545 Server Training and Responsible Vendor Program
Coty Shadowens 615-741-8425 Paralegal
Tamsyn Smith 615-741-7583 Law Enforcement
Sarah Taylor 615-741-8918 Information Systems and Technology
Lisa Whittaker 615-741-7556 Procurement Officer
Meenu Sinha 615-741-7624 Direct Shippers, Non-Resident, Armed Forces
Delivery Service, Non-Manufacturing Non-Resident
Memphis Office | (901) 543-7284
One Commerce Square, 40 South Main St, Memphis, TN 38103
4th Floor, Suite 415
Mark Hooper 901-543-6444 Special Agent in Charge
Barry Jones 901-543-6440 Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Rose Berry 901-543-7528 New Licenses and Renewals outside Memphis
Nolvia Chavez 901-543-6435 Reception and Cashier
Jacquelyn Harris 901-543-6437 New Licenses and Renewals
Angellicia Hayes 901-543-6436 Permitting
Knoxville Office | (865) 594-6342
4420 Whittle Springs Rd, Knoxville, TN 37917
Suite A   
Name Phone Position
Stephanie Smith 865-594-0759 Special Agent in Charge
Steven Grooms 865-403-1595  Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Helen Cox 865-594-0362 Reception and Cashier
Lisa Drake 865-594-0359 Permits
Sonya French 865-594-0358 New Licenses and Renewals
Chattanooga Office | (423) 634-6434
100 W Martin Luther King Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37402
Name Phone Position
Kim Boleyn 423-634-3156 Special Agent in Charge
Brent Clayton 423-634-3155 Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Pamela Massengale 423-634-2616 Permitting
Kathy Ware 423-634-2617 New and Renewal Licenses