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Farm Winery License

A Farm Winery permit allows a farm to transport produce grown on their farm to a TABC licensed winery for the manufacture, bottling and labeling of unfortified wine from that produce. The bottled wine will then be returned to the farm, where it can be sold in sealed containers. The farm winery can also offer single servings of its wine for complimentary tasting. A farm winery can also offer single servings of its wine with or without charge as tastings and can sell their wine by the drink or by the bottle for consumption on premise. A Farm Winery can also hold up two (2) Satellite Facility licenses, where they can conduct any business authorized at their Farm Winery.

A farm winery permit is valid for one (1) year. You can apply for this license using RLPS.


  • A farm must grow its own produce to be used in the making of wine.
  • The application for a farm winery must be approved by the TABC commission at a regular monthly commission meeting. Applications must be complete before being placed on the agenda.
  • If the local government does not have building and safety codes for agricultural zoning, then the state's building and safety codes will apply, and an occupancy from a state inspector would be required.


  • No owner can have any conviction for any offense prohibiting or regulating the sale, possession, transportation, storage, manufacturing or otherwise handling intoxicating liquors for ten (10) years preceding application.
  • No manufacturer, brewer or wholesaler shall have any interest in the business or building containing licensed premises of any other person having a license under this chapter, or in the fixtures of any such person.