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Antifreeze Rules


In 2008, the Tennessee General Assembly enacted hazardous substance legislation known as the "Haley Ham Law." The law requires certain antifreeze or engine coolants sold in Tennessee and manufactured on or after Jan. 1, 2010 contain a bittering agent. The law is intended to help prevent the accidental or intentional poisoning of people, pets and other animals as a result of ingesting antifreeze or engine coolants.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is responsible for implementing the law and has proposed new rules and regulations clarifying terms, products and exemptions that apply. The new rules became effective Dec. 29, 2009. 

For more information about the Haley Ham Law and the department's proposed rules, contact:

Shanna Lively, Food and Dairy Administrator
Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Consumer and Industry Services Division
400 Hogan Rd., Nashville, TN 37204 / 615-837-5177