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Feed, Seed, Fertilizer and Grain Forms

* TDA Ag Inputs is using a new computer system that will generate license renewal forms for 2019-2020. You will no longer need to print off an applicatoin and manually fill it out. We plan on sending these renewal forms at the end of May via mail or email. Please check back for more information. We appreciate your patience.


  • Commercial Feed Facility License Application - To authorize someone to manufacture, distribute, or label feed as the guarantor in Tennessee. Pet and livestock feed and pet treat companies.
    Contact: Bethany Henderson - 615-837-5535 -


  • Seed Dealer License Application - To authorize someone to sell agricultural and vegetable seed in packages greater than one pound in Tennessee.
    Contact: Cissy Neely - 615-837-5406 -


  • Commercial Fertilizer License Application - To authorize someone to distribute a commercial fertilizer in Tennessee.
    Contact: Rane Sewell - 615-837-5513 -
  • Anhydrous Ammonia Permit Application - To authorize someone to dispense anhydrous ammonia in Tennessee.
    Contact: Mark R. Powell - 615-837-5135 -
    Form for Anhydrous Ammonia Permit


  • Agricultural Liming Materials License Application - To authorize someone to make, shape or package agricultural lime in Tennessee.
    Contact: Cissy Neely - 615-837-5406 -