Food Safety

Notice to Customers

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is making it easier for customers to interact with the Division of Consumer and Industry Services.

Invoices, licenses, and permits will have a new look in 2023. Streamlining the documents will make them simpler to interpret and understand.

A new, secure online portal will ease access to invoice, license, and permit information. Business owners can see the status of a license or registration, when payment is due, and the balance owed. Additionally, payments can be made online with a credit card or eCheck, eliminating the need to send payments through the mail. 

The following programs will transition to the new portal April 5:    

·       Apiary

·       Dairy

·       Food Safety - Manufacturing

·       Food Safety - Retail

·       Metrology

·       Produce

·       Tobacco

Once the transition is initiated, link and log-in information will be provided.

As always, we appreciate your partnership in serving the citizens of Tennessee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Consumer and Industry Services Division at (615) 837-5150.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Section administers state laws, rules, and regulations for retail food stores and manufacturing firms processing and storing food products in Tennessee. Our primary goal is to protect the health and economic welfare of our citizens. The Department of Agriculture does not license or inspect restaurants, which are under the jurisdiction of the Tennessee Department of Health.   


To register a complaint about a prepackaged food product manufactured outside of Tennessee and purchased at a retail food store, call the U.S. Food and Drug Administration toll-free at 1-866-289-3399.

For complaints about a food item manufactured in Tennessee, you can fill out this form and email it to or fax it to 615-837-5335.  

Consumer and Industry Services Food Safety Section:  615-837-5193

Mailing Address

Food Safety, Consumer and Industry Services
Ellington Agricultural Center
P.O. Box 40627
Nashville, TN  37204

Shipping Address

Food Safety, Consumer and Industry Services
Ellington Agricultural Center, Porter Building
436 Hogan Road
Nashville, TN  37220