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Industrial Hemp Projects in Tennessee

The Tennessee Hemp Flag is a collaborative effort commemorating the 2017 industrial hemp growing season in Tennessee. Kacie Lynn from the Fiber Farm conceptualized this project in early June. After talking with Will Tarleton from Tennessee Grown LLC. and Paige Thompson from the Tennessee Hemp Project she knew she had a team that could help make this vision become a reality. Will Tarleton harvested the fiber variety, Futura 75, from William Corbin's crop who is a Tennessee licensed industrial hemp farmer in Springfield, TN. Over the course of the summer Kacie, Will, and Paige processed the material with a locally manufactured break and 2 hackles (one wide tooth and one fine toothed) with the help of several volunteers. In July Kacie and Paige visited Jan and Karl Heinrich from New Era Fiber Mill in Gallatin, TN. to purchase mill spun alpaca yarn to blend with hemp fibers. On August 29th the group met up to harvest and process more Futura 75 industrial hemp material from the first year hemp farmer Representative Reedy's farm in Erin, Tennessee. Grace Boto will be documenting the process by photographing and filming a video. Kacie laboriously hand dyed the hemp and alpaca with indigo (blue) and madder (red) at the Fiber Farm in Tracy City, TN. Paige is expected to assist Kacie in finalizing the final product. The Tennessee Hemp Flag Project is set to be unveiled by early 2018. Once completed the flag will take a trip to the state capital and to various places around the state. The Tennessee Hemp Flag project is meant to influence conscious thoughts of domestically grown and made products from Tennessee as well as to celebrate the artistry of Kacie Lynn and her use with natural fibers and dyes. The Tennessee Hemp Flag hopes to wave high as a symbol of true Tennessee patriotism for generations to come. 

Pictures included were taken by Kacie Lynn. Pictured is a miniature prototype of the Tennessee flag constructed by Kacie Lynn. Processing pictures include Will Tarleton, Paige Thompson and volunteer, Clint Palmer.

Industrial Hemp Fiber Processing


Hand Spun Hemp Fiber


Tennessee Hemp Flag, Rough Draft