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Genetics: Bred Beef Heifers

Livestock Minimum Requirements Certifications Lifetime Limit $1,600 Maximum Reimbursement
Cattle - 30 Head BQA – Beef Not Applicable $500 max per heifer
Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.


1. Stewardship Information (Producer Affidavit required)

• Official USDA permanent identification - heifers must be individually and permanently identified with 840 EID or metal tag, breed registry brand, or tattoo
• Ownership – seller name, address, and phone number
• Sale Information – price and sale date
• Age - maximum of 28 months at time of purchase
• Service Sire (AI or natural) - heifers must be bred to a bull that meets either the CE or BW Genomic Enhanced EPD or true NCE EPD with a minimum 0.15 accuracy from the TAEP Calving Ease bull type requirements. AI bred to a high accuracy calving ease sire is recommended.

2. Preventative Health (Producer Affidavit required)

Must be vaccinated with two rounds of the following vaccines:
a. Respiratory: IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV. Recommended — fetal protection (FP)
b. Blackleg: 7-way Clostridial
c. Reproductive: Lepto. Recommended — Lepto HB

3. Current & Reproductive Health (Veterinarian Affidavit required)

a. Official USDA permanent identification
b. Veterinarian name, clinic, and phone number
c. Test negative for BVD-PI; lab results required
d. Size – heifer must be a minimum of 800 pounds at pregnancy exam
e. Pregnancy status – list date of pregnancy exam and days pregnant
•Heifer must be a minimum of 90 days bred at date of purchase
o March 1, 2022 is the latest breeding date that 90-day pregnancy could be verified by a June 1, 2022 sale date (06/01/2022 Reimbursement Deadline)
o Exception for deferred Veterinarian Affidavit will be granted to heifers bred from March 1 until May 15, 2022, so that these bred heifers may still be purchased by June 1, 2022. These heifers must be verified a minimum of 90 days pregnant by a licensed veterinarian by August 15, 2022.
• Buyers should be aware that heifers bred from March 1 until May 15, 2022 would not have a 90-day veterinarian pregnancy verification by the June 1, 2022 reimbursement deadline.
o Exception granted to heifers already nursing

Tip: 840 EID tag and BVD-PI tests are available from veterinarian at time of BSE, pregnancy exam — palpation/ultrasound pre-breeding examination, or when administering the preventative herd health program.


1. Producer Affidavit — attach pedigree(s) with EPDs , accuracies, and genomic status for service sires

2. Veterinarian Affidavit — attach negative BVD-PI test results

Affidavit forms are available at in Producer Programs under Genetics, from Tennessee licensed veterinarians, and included in TAEP Genetics reimbursement packet. Affidavits allow up to four (4) heifers with consistent management and breeding to be listed on each form. List all IDs, birth date range, and range of days pregnant.

Email for additional information.