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Tennessee Forestry Commission

The Tennessee Forestry Commission was established in 1985 and advises the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and the governor on forest policy.

The Commission formulates and recommends programs of fire protection, reforestation and seedling production, forestry assistance to private landowners, educational and informational programs to enhance understanding of the value and management of the forest resource, management of state forests, urban tree management, development of markets for Tennessee forest products, protection from insect and disease epidemics, and protection of the soil and water quality.

The Commission is also charged with selecting three candidates for state forester, approving an annual budget prepared by the state forester, preparing an annual report, making recommendations to the legislature on forest policy, approving the forestry division long-range plan, and formulating and recommending any policies that further forest protection and management.

Each member is appointed by the governor and serves for a five-year term, with a limit of two terms. Full roles and responsibilities of the commission can be found in the Tenn. Code Ann. § 11-4-201.

Johnny Heard, Chair
Collinwood  - Represents hardwood manufacturers
Term Expires:  6/30/2022 (2nd Term)

Tom Midyett, Vice-Chair
Knoxville  - Represents pulp and paper manufacturers
Term Expires:  6/30/2021 (1st Term)

John Charles Wilson, Secretary
Memphis - Represents conservation organizations
Term Expires:  6/30/2022 (1st Term)

Bob Qualman
Brentwood  - Represents forest landowners of less than 500 acres
Term Expires:  6/30/2021 (2nd Term)

Alex Richman
Lynchburg  - Represents forest landowners of greater than 500 acres
Term Expires:  6/30/2024 (2nd Term)

Mike Witt
Cookeville - Represents forest landowners of less than 500 acres
Term Expires:  6/30/2024 (2nd Term)

Dr. Sharon Jean-Philippe
Knoxville - Represents public at large
Term Expires: 6/30/2024 (1st term)

Dr. Charles Hatcher, Ex-Officio
Commissioner – Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Bobby Wilson, Ex-Officio
Director – Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

David Salyers, Ex-Officio
Commissioner – Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Tennessee Code Annotated Section 8-44-103 requires public notice of meetings of all government bodies whose actions can affect public policy. The following notice is hereby given: 


The Tennessee Forestry Commission will meet Sept. 7, 2021 at the East Tennessee Nursery located at 9063 Highway 411 in Delano, Tenn. The meeting will begin at 11 a.m. EDT. The meeting is open to the public to attend. The agenda includes approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, approval of the Division of Forestry budget, review of meeting dates, and tour of the nursery facilities.