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Alternative Workplace Solutions

Alternative Workplace Solutions (AWS) is an initiative that creates a physical and cultural transformation using non-traditional workspaces to promote productivity, efficiency and flexibility across state government that improves the management of the state’s real estate portfolio.

AWS enhances workspace use, reducing the state’s real estate footprint, improving energy management, and boosting workforce mobility and productivity. Together, these efficiencies create costs savings to Tennesseans. According to a national study, worker mobility is rising globally, with the U.S. remaining the most highly concentrated market with 75 percent of the work force being mobile in 2013 – essentially saturating the market. With approximately 50 percent of the state’s workforce eligible to retire in the next five years (2020), it is critical to align today’s workplace with trends that attract and retain top talent.

More About AWS

Currently, there is a large portion of state employees that are mobile as a part of their job. AWS increases workforce productivity while reducing real estate needs and costs through flexible schedule and workspace options that allow eligible employees to work how they work best for the job they are doing:

  • Work from Home: Some days employees are in an office and others work from an alternative location.
  • Mobile Work: These primarily-mobile employees also have the opportunity to work from the office and can choose their work style based on the work needs for a given day.
  • Free Address: Employees work in office and can choose from various space options based on need for a given day such as private meeting rooms, conference rooms, collaborative spaces and enclaves for individual work assignments.

The Need for Transformation

  • All state government agencies have a responsibility to the 6.5 million Tennesseans we serve to make sure we’re providing the best service at the lowest possible cost.
  • Real estate management is one of the state’s largest budget expenditure categories following health care, human service, transportation and education programs.
  • Better managing our real estate by improving efficiency and re-purposing under-utilized space can improve employee collaboration and productivity and result in cost savings that help Tennesseans.
  • AWS can help the state better manage underutilized office space and reinvest those savings in services for Tennesseans.
  • AWS also helps decrease the state’s environmental footprint by reducing business travel, commuting and time that can be refocused on customer service.