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Staff & Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Law Enforcement Training Academy
3025 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

Phone: (615) 741-4448
Fax: (615) 741-3366


Administration & Instructors
Name/Title Teaches
Brian Grisham, Director Legal, Leadership & Management, General Subjects
Sam Reed,
Assistant Director, TLETA
In charge of Administration - teaches EMS, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and Patrol
Trey Clanton,
Supervisor of Training
In charge of Specialized Training - teaches Ethics, Legal, and Management

Ben Wrather,
Assistant Director, POST

Legal, Emergency Vehicle Operations, General Subjects
  Emergency Vehicle Operations, Crash Investigations, Low Light Operations
Thad Dorris Emergency Vehicle Operations, Patrol Tactics, SWAT, Firearms, Police Cyclist, Crash Investigations, RADAR/LIDAR
Keith Dunn Firearms, Patrol, Field Training Officer, Patrol Training Officer, Emergency Vehicle Operations
Eugene Fitzhugh Crime Scene Investigations, Sex Crimes Investigations, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Firearms, Hate/Bias, Physical Fitness, Patrol Tactics
Kristy Inglish Crisis Intervention and Domestic Violence Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operations, General Subjects
Teddy Murphy
Lethality Assessment Program Coordinator (LAP) 
Dale Robinson Legal, Firearms, POST Hearing Officer
Travis Robinson Physical Fitness, Defensive Tactics, Investigations
Dwight Williams Defensive Tactics 

Administrative Support
Name Title/Function
Kelly Morgan Executive Assistant
Kim Moss Administrative Services Assistant II
Pam Pavao Administrative Services Assistant II
Patricia Shepard Administrative Assistant I
Tosha Rogers Account Clerk

Kitchen & Cafeteria Staff
Name Title/Function
Joe Malone Food Service Supervisor 2
Lori Bowers Cook II
Veronica Gleaton Cook II
Phillip Johnson Cook I
  Cook 1 
Rhonda London Food Service Worker
Jasmine Bowers Food Service Worker
Davin Rolle Food Service Worker