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TDCI’s Regulatory Boards Issues Over 240,000 Licenses, $1.4M in Civil Penalties

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 | 02:26pm

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance’s (TDCI) Division of Regulatory Boards issued over 143,000 licenses to Tennessee professionals, received 3,801 complaints and assessed $1.4 million in civil penalties in 2017.

Additionally, the Division continued its work to modernize and streamline its processes with the successful launch of a pilot program allowing license holders to print extra copies of their licenses as well as instituting the Customer Service Center.

The Division of Regulatory Boards protects the health and safety of Tennessee citizens through boards, commissions, and programs by ensuring that persons meet minimum professional standards, by responsively and timely handling complaints, and by providing consumer education on regulated professions and industries. Overall, the Division saw a number of notable increases including:

  • The overall number of licensees grew from 235,665 (2016) to 240,393 (2017)
  • The number of licenses issued in a year grew from 127,304 (2016) to 143,324 (2017)
  • The number of complaints grew from 2,819 (2016) to 3,801 (2017)   

“I’m proud of the accomplishments of our Regulatory Boards team who have worked tirelessly to help improve the Division by making it more user-friendly and responsive for both licensees and the general public,” said TDCI Deputy Commissioner Brian McCormack. “We plan to keep the momentum going in 2018, which I am confident will be another strong year for our team.” 

The Division’s boards include the Motor Vehicle Commission, the Real Estate Commission, the Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers and the Cosmetology & Barber Examiners Board, among others. The Division’s boards, commissions, and programs are empowered to take disciplinary action – including revocation of licenses and assessment of civil penalties – against license holders found violating the laws governing their professions, or against those engaging in regulated activities without first obtaining the necessary license. During Fiscal Year 2017, the Division completed the following inspections and investigations:

  • 556 Investigations
  • 12,842 Cosmetology/Barber Inspections
  • 4,233 Motor Vehicle Inspections
  • 428 Scrap Metal Inspections
  • 17, 503 Inspections (Total) 

Investigations are largely conducted in response to complaint allegations. Inspections are conducted pursuant to statutory authority to ensure compliance with minimum professional standards. 

About the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance: TDCI protects the interests of consumers while providing fair, efficient oversight and a level field of competition for a broad array of industries and professionals doing business in Tennessee. Our divisions include the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Insurance, Securities, Consumer Affairs, Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, Regulatory Boards, Tennessee Emergency Communications Board, Tennessee Corrections Institute, and TennCare Oversight.

To check a license of a professional regulated by the Department, go to