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Tennessee State Board of Accountancy
Board of Accountancy Members
Function Member Term Expires
Chair Casey M. Stuart, CPA 6/30/2019
Vice-Chair Stephen E. Eldridge, CPA 6/30/2018
Secretary Gay Moon, CPA 6/30/2020
CPA Jack A. Bonner, Jr., CPA 6/30/2020
CPA Janet Booker-Davis, CPA 6/30/2018
CPA Pamela Church, CPA 6/30/2019
CPA Larry Elmore, CPA 6/30/2018
CPA Kevin Monroe, CPA 6/30/2019
Attorney Member John G. (Gabe) Roberts, Attorney–at-Law 6/30/2019
CPA William (Trey) H. Watkins, III, CPA 6/30/2020
Public Member Judy Wetherbee 6/30/2019