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Reciprocal Information

Tennessee Auctioneer Commission

Auctioneer must be domiciled in the reciprocal state:

  1. Complete and submit to the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission
    a.) Auctioneer Application [pdf]
    b.) Consent for Service of Jurisdiction - see page 2 of the application
    c.) Applicant Affidavit and a copy of applicants drivers license - see page 2 of the application
    d.) Letter of Good Standing from Reciprocal State
  2. Auctioneer must be affiliated with a Tennessee licensed firm by:
    a.) The Tennessee licensed firm you will be affiliated with, submit a letter acknowledging you are employed by said firm as an auctioneer, or
    b.) Obtain an auction firm license by:
    i.) Completing a Firm Application [pdf]
    ii.) Bank must complete Escrow Account Form [pdf]
  3. Submit Payment of License Fees to the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission

Reciprocal licensing fees will be charged at the TN state rate.

Unless all questions are fully answered, application will be returned for correction.

Should you have any questions, please contact this office at (615) 741- 3600. Please allow 10-14 days for processing of license.