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New Legislation

Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission

2015 Public Acts, Chapter 0322
Description        Creates new section TCA 55-17-129 - 
As amended, this bill authorizes a licensed used motor vehicle dealer to operate one additional business at the dealer’s established place of business; provided, at least 66 percent of the dealer’s established place of business is used for the sale and service of motor vehicles and that the income derived from the additional business is less than 33 percent of the gross income of the dealership. Authorizes the dealer to install signs at the place of business for the purpose of advertising the other businesses. Effective immediately.

2015 Public Acts, Chapter 0466
Description        Amends TCA 55-3-202 - 
Establishes various changes to the regulation of motor vehicle dismantlers and recyclers and scrap metal processors. Requires motor vehicle dismantlers and recyclers and scrap metal processors to verify a vehicle is not stolen or subject to any security interest or lien at the time the vehicle is purchased. Establishes criminal sanctions and restitution for losses incurred for any sale of a vehicle based on falsified information. Requires all information necessary to be submitted to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Establishes a Class A misdemeanor for violators with a minimum fine of $1,000. Specifies that half of the monies generated from penalties for violators shall be deposited in a special fund for use by the department of revenue’s vehicle services division, while the other half is to be (1) deposited in the general fund of the municipality or county the suit was brought in, or (2) allocated to the appropriate state agency, if the suit was brought by a state agency. Allows a court to order a defendant seller to make restitution to the lienholder and motor vehicle dismantler, including recyclers and scrap metal processors, for any damage or loss caused. Orders motor vehicles used to transport illegally sold vehicles to be subject to seizure and forfeiture. Requires the department of revenue’s vehicle services division to develop a process to allow dismantlers and processors to verify vehicles are not reported stolen, including verification during the transaction and through the internet. Requires dismantlers and processors to not complete transactions of vehicles that are reported stolen and to notify appropriate law enforcement agencies.  Fees begin July 1, 2015. Revenue begins program July 1, 2016.

2015 Public Acts, Chapter 0372
Description        Amends TCA 55-17-123 - 
Allows producers of motor vehicles who lease vehicles to eligible employees to sell the vehicle to a franchised dealer after the lease. Allows the franchised dealer to purchase no more than 30 of the vehicles per month. Prohibits the sale of the vehicle for 90 days from the time in which the motor vehicle was purchased by the franchised dealer.

2015 Public Acts, Chapter 0344
        Amends TCA 55-16-101, et seq.; 55-17-114 - Defines curbstoning as the selling or advertising the sale of a motor vehicle that is not titled in the seller’s name by a person without a license to sell vehicles or selling more than 5 vehicles within a year when such vehicles are titled in the seller’s name. Permits vehicles used in curbstoning to be seized by police provided police give notice of at least 48 hours prior to seizure. Provides penalties for denial, suspension, or revocation of motor vehicle sales licenses involving curbstoning and possessing closed titles. Distributes revenue from the sale of certain seized vehicles. Effective July 1, 2015.