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Investor Education Program

The Tennessee Securities Division provides practical, current information to help investors evaluate an investment opportunity and avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Most of all, we encourage investors to ask the right questions and call us to find out whether the salesperson and the security are registered. An informed and skeptical investor is the best tool to prevent fraud.

Speakers are available for community groups and organizations at no charge. Groups interested in scheduling an Investor Education Program representative should contact our office at 800-863-9117.

Information to Help You

This site contains information covering several investment-related topics including:

·         General information and tips on saving and investing.

·         Fraud avoidance

·         How senior citizens can avoid being taken advantage of and what steps to take if you feel you need to file a complaint

·         Links to other sites and agencies that can be helpful and informative. Useful forms are available for use offline and you can also find out how to determine if your salesperson is licensed to sell securities.

Valuable Resources

10 Commandments of Personal Finance for Young People [pdf]
10 Tips - How to Avoid Investment Fraud
10 Tips for Online Investors [pdf]
20 Questions to Ask a Person Selling Investments
Annuities [pdf]
Been Done Dirty? [pdf]
Boiler Room Scams
Choosing Broker-dealers and Agents
Choosing Investment Advisers and Financial Planners
Common Sense Tips on Investing [pdf]
Derivatives TN [pdf]
Developing a Financial Plan & Setting Financial Goals
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) [pdf]
FSI: Fraud Scene Investigator [pdf]
Gold TN [pdf]
Investment Fraud Checklist [pdf]
Investor Bill of Rights [pdf]
Peer to Peer TN [pdf]
Saving Money Coloring Book [pdf]
Senior Specialists:  Look Beyond the Credentials [pdf]
The Basics of Savings and Investing - Investor Education 2020 [pdf]
Tips to Protect Your Retirement Nest Egg [pdf]
Top 10 Investor Traps [pdf]
Variable Annuities [pdf]
Viatical Settlements [pdf]
When Your Broker Calls [pdf]
Who We Are [pdf]
Your Investment Options [pdf]

Some files are Adobe Reader® Files [pdf], 6.0 or higher. You may need to DOWNLOAD a free copy of Adobe Reader® for to view these files.