FO252 Fire Officer I Blended / On-Line


The Fire Officer I program is designed for the firefighter or fire officer who is preparing to, or entering the middle management level of his/her department. The blended learning course allows students to complete assignments through a set 10 - week period. During the process, students are tracked by completing up to 4 modules. Modules consist of Interactive Lectures, Chapter Quizzes, and Chapter Assessments. Each area focuses on not only preparing the student for real world application, but prepares the student to be successful on certification practical and written tests. One added value to the blended program at TFACA is that students are required to attend 3 on site days. This to ensure the student is on track throughout the 10 - week process and to cover needed material such as strategies and tactics and real world case studies. The blended learning system is very interactive it grants students and instructors the ability to never be alone throughout the course.

Course Code



10 Week Blended / On-Line, 24 Hour Classroom


  • $160 per student


Basic Firefighting


Must be at least 18 years of age.



Maximum Class Size


Required Student Materials

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Highlighter
  • Flash Drive
  • Laptop (Recommended)
  • Jones & Bartlett Fire Officer Principles & Practices Enhanced Edition, Premier Access. ISBN#978-1284070446.



Course Objectives

  • Student will be able to describe the roles and responsibilities of the Fire Officer I.
  • Student will be able to describe how a promotional examination is prepared.
  • Student will be able to discuss the role of training in the fire service.

Other Notes



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