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Visitation is currently available by appointment only. Click here for contact information to schedule a visit. Visitation for Saturday, January 22nd thru 24th will not available at TCIX Main (Only, TN) and SCCF. Visitation will also not be available for Unit 2 @ RMSI and Unit 28 @ BCCX.
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Women's Therapeutic Residential Center

Photo of Warden Stanley Dickerson

Warden Stanley Dickerson

Women's Therapeutic Residential Center

480 Green Chapel Road

P.O. Box 1150

Henning, Tennessee 38041-1150

(Lauderdale County)

(731) 738-5044

*Use P.O. Box 1150 for inmate correspondence.

The Women's Therapeutic Residential Center (WTRC) is a time building prison with a mission to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment within which gender-responsive treatment, educational services, career development and reentry services focus on changing criminal behavior.  The facility is operated at the West Tennessee State Penitentiary, Site 1.  WTRC is a modified women's therapeutic residential community behavioral model program that serves female offenders.  It is a highly structured environment where peer interaction mediated through a variety of group processes is emphasized as the medium for change.