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Renew an Administrator License

Renew an Administrator License: Non-Administrators

Educators not employed in an administrator position (i.e., teachers, non-instructional school district central office personnel, etc.), whose ILL-B, PAL, ILL-P credential is eligible for renewal, will need to submit an application for renewal to the Office of Educator Licensing to renew the license. Please note that all renewal applicants will need to possess another active Tennessee educator license at the time of application submission.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Renew an Administrator License: Administrators

Renewal Requirements:

  1. Currently serving in an administrator position (i.e. assistant principal, principal, or instructional supervisor) in an approved Tennessee public school system or Category 1, 2, or 3 approved non-public school
  2. Tennessee public school system or approved non-public school where you are serving completed the evaluation of your performance as an administrator for at least the last two school years under the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards (TILS)
  3. Completed or are you current in completing the required Tennessee Academy for School Leaders (TASL) credit hours required for each two year cycle
  4. Obtained the signature of your school system’s Director of Schools/Superintendent on the administrator license renewal application form verifying evaluation of performance as an administrator at the level of the TILS standards appropriate to your license for at least the last two years
  5. Submitted the administrator license renewal application to the state Tennessee Academy for School Leaders (TASL) Office for review and signature regarding completion of required TASL credit hours

After Submitting Your Application...

The state TASL Office will review submitted applications to verify if you have completed or are current in the required TASL credit hours for this two year cycle.  Once the application is signed by the state TASL Director, it will be forwarded to the Office of Teacher Licensing.

Once the application is reviewed, if all licensing requirements are met, the license will be issued.  Regardless of the date an application is reviewed, the date it was received by the Tennessee Department of Education is used for any license action.

For further assistance with TASL credit hour requirements, contact the state TASL office at (615) 532-6210.

Please note: If you hold a BAL, you will need to convert your license to an ILL-B at this time. For required steps to convert, see BAL Conversion.