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Renew School Services Personnel License

A Tennessee educator license must be renewed on or before the date of expiration. Educators may apply to renew a license on September 1, one calendar year prior to the date of expiration. For example, an educator who holds a license that expires on August 31, 2017 may apply to renew this license no earlier than September 1, 2016.

Practitioner School Services Personnel License

The Practitioner School Services Personnel License is valid for three years. If an educator does not meet expectations for advancement to the Professional School Services Personnel License, the Practitioner License may be renewed once. In order for the Practitioner License to be renewed, educators must have completed an approved educator preparation program and submitted passing scores on all required assessments.

Professional License

The Professional License is valid for six years. In order to renew the Professional License, educators must earn 60 Professional Development Points (PDPs).

Conversion and Reactivation of Licenses

Educators who hold active license types that are no longer issued (e.g., Apprentice, Transitional, and Interim B) may be converted to the Practitioner License as long as conversion requirements are met. This document provides the information required to convert licenses. Applications for conversion will be posted on this page when they become available.

Educators who hold an inactive license that is no longer issued must also ensure the department has qualifying scores on content assessments that are no more than five years old.