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David Gerregano


Governor Bill Haslam appointed David Gerregano as commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Revenue in December 2016.  Prior to his appointment as commissioner, Gerregano, a native of Gainesboro, Tenn., served as the Department’s deputy commissioner.  A 20-year veteran of the Department, Gerregano has helped oversee various Revenue functions, including the Audit Division, Enforcement and Taxpayer Services.  Since starting with the Department in 1997 as tax counsel, he has held multiple legal and legislative positions such as administrative hearing officer, general counsel and assistant commissioner.

Gerregano received his J.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Law in 1995, and he clerked for the Chancery Court of Rutherford County until 1997 before joining the Department as tax counsel.  He ultimately became assistant commissioner in 2010 and then deputy commissioner in 2011.  As deputy commissioner, Gerregano has been a leader in developing tax policy and making tax guidance readily available to the public through the publication of revenue rulings and other online resources. Gerregano has also been instrumental in updating the Department’s systems in order to improve services to Tennesseans.