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Business Tax Batch Filing

Business tax batch filing is a free, secure and efficient way to electronically file and pay multiple business tax returns for multiple business locations. This service uses a text file made up of a series of fixed length records that is uploaded to a secure website. Please note that business tax batch filing requires some knowledge of computer programming and may not be the best electronic filing option for all businesses.

The records in the Business Tax Batch File contain fields that report all of the line items from a business tax return, and information for a tax payment can also be included. The file layout document contains a description and edits used for every field in the file. The fields for an actual tax return are in record types 30 through 80. This series or loop of records repeats for each return being filed. Note that city or county returns can be filed in the same file. Also note that the Tennessee 9-digit account number has a check digit in the 9th position. See the Account Number Check Digit Routine document for the algorithm to use.

Information for a payment by ACH Debit can be in the upload file by including record type 20. There can only be one record type 20 in each file. The total amount of the payment must be the sum of the amount due for each return in the file. If a payment is included in the file, then all tax returns in that file must be registered under the same FEIN.

Click here for file uploading instructions.

Click here to access the Business Tax Online Batch Filing program.

For additional assistance, you can call the Electronic Commerce Hot Line at:
Statewide toll-free: (866) 368-6374
Nashville-area and out-of-state: (615) 253-0704