Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide

2022-23 Hunting Guide

What's New For 2022 – 2023

There are several important changes for the 2022–2023 hunting and trapping seasons.

  1. The type 094 license is no longer needed to hunt antlerless deer on private property. Type 094 is required for all WMA nonquota big game hunts.
  2. Changes to Turkey hunting:    
    1. Turkey bag limit reduced to 2 birds. Only one jake is allowed to be harvested during spring. Learn More.
    2. Turkey season will open statewide on April 15, 2023, two weeks later than in prior years.
    3. Young Sportsman's turkey hunt will be on April 8-9, 2023 statewide.
    4. New turkey regulations on select WMAs. Check each WMA you hunt.
    5. Fanning or reaping turkeys on WMAs is now prohibited. Learn more.
  3. Buck limit increased in Unit CWD to 3 antlered deer per season.
    •     Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery season extended in Unit CWD until January 31
  4. In Unit CWD, One antlerless deer harvested now earns a buck for the Earn-a-Buck Incentive program. Learn More.
  5. Definition of muzzleloader updated. Muzzleloading firearms are defined as those firearms in which a projectile (rifle) or projectiles (shotgun) must be loaded from the muzzle (front) end of the barrel and the firearm being of design and manufacture that prevents the projectile(s) from being loaded from the breech (rear) end. See Legal Hunting Devices.
  6. Boundaries of Bear Hunt Zones 3, 4, and Traditional have changed and/or expanded. Learn More.
  7. Submission of a tooth from harvested bears is now mandatory. Learn More.
  8. Bobcat season extended on private lands. Learn More.
  9. Bag limit for raccoon and opossum increased to 4 for the statewide season. Learn More.
  10. Additional Tier 1 duck blind locations added. 
  11. There is no longer a separate waterfowl hunting zone for Reelfoot Lake. 
  12. Changes to the NOI process for waterfowl hunt locations. Learn More.