Boiler Unit

The responsibility of the Boiler Unit is to protect Tennessee’s citizens from potential hazards involved in the operation of boilers and pressure vessels.  The three categories of commercial (business, industry, etc.) vessels inspected in Tennessee are high pressure, low pressure and unfired vessels.  

The Boiler Unit oversees all inspections of boilers and pressure vessels including inspections performed by The Deputy or Special Inspectors.  The unit licenses boiler repair and erection companies to repair boilers and pressure vessels in Tennessee.  These companies are located throughout the nation, with over 180 licensed to service Tennessee.


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Boiler and Water Heater Inspection Clearances
Jurisdictional Requirements for Boiler and Water Heater Inspection Clearances may be found on page 3.

Public Chapter Starting - March 22, 2018

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Boiler Unit
(615) 741-1900

Apply for Boiler & Pressure Vessel Installation Permit

The permit application is used to request a new installation, reinstallation or second-hand installation of a boiler or pressure vessel (lethal service). For further assistance, contact (844) 224-5818 Ext. 222

Report an Accident

Owners/users must immediately report any accident involving serious physical injury or fatality relating to a boiler or pressure vessel. Contact the Boiler Chief at (615) 499-3791.

Obtain a Boiler Unit Form

Boiler Unit forms are listed with brief, corresponding instruction.

Boiler Variance

Boiler Variance provides pertinent information in regards to the monitoring and internal inspection schedule of boiler units.


A detailing of inspection and certificate fees, as they relate to the operation of Boilers and Pressure Vessels, is provided.

Boiler Inspectors

Meet the Boiler Unit inspectors of Tennessee. A list of inspected counties and corresponding contact information is provided.

Rules, Interpretations, and Laws

The board hears matters pertaining to Boiler and Pressure Vessel laws, interprets rules, and provides case opinions.

General Information

Additional information and related Boiler Unit sites (i.e. National Board, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, etc.) are provided.

Board of Boiler Rules

The Board of Boiler Rules supports the Division of Workplace Regulations and Compliance, Boiler Unit, to protect the general public, owners and users, and their employees from the potential hazards inherent in the operation of boilers and pressure vessels.