Bledsoe County Correctional Complex

Warden Shawn Phillips

Warden Shawn Phillips


1045 Horsehead Road

Pikeville, Tennessee  37367

(Bledsoe County)

(423) 881-3251

Bledsoe County Correctional Complex (BCCX) is located on top of the Cumberland Plateau covering approximately 2,500 acres.  BCCX is nestled in the hills between Pikeville and Spencer.  The prison is a level 3 facility which houses approximately 2,539 offenders in three separate facilities:  Site 1; Site 2 (formerly Southeast Tennessee State Regional Correctional Facility); and Unit 28 (houses female offenders.)

Site 1 is the intake diagnostic center for all male offenders sentenced to the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC).  All offenders receive a comprehensive diagnostic assessment which will determine their medical, mental health and programming needs.  There are 128 offender workers housed at this prison and a 48 bed Supported Living Unit at this prison.

Site 2 houses approximately 999 offenders, which includes a 152-bed male annex.  This site is a time-building prison where offenders are offered the opportunity to take vocational programs, including barbering, carpentry, culinary arts, and small engine repair, to help with a successful re-entry into the community.  Self-improvement opportunities, like the Adult Basic Education classes and the 108-bed TCOM program, are offered to help the offender better themselves and open new doors to success.  The TRICOR Shaw Industry plant is also located at this prison and employees approximately 253 offenders.

The male annex at Site 2 houses minimum direct and trustee offenders who assist in the running of the TRICOR farm, the maintenance department, commissary, and landscaping.  The TRICOR farm is home to 150 dairy cows and a small herd of beef cattle.  The farm grows their own hay and silage made up of beans and corn.

Unit 28 houses approximately 300 female offenders.  These offenders are offered the opportunity to take vocational programs, which include CAD (computer-aided design), Cosmetology and Landscaping/Gardening, to assist them with opening doors for a successful re-entry process.  There is also a 30-bed TCOM program for group therapy available in this unit.