Lois M DeBerry Special Needs Facility


Warden James M. Holloway

7575 Cockrill Bend Boulevard

Nashville, Tennessee 37209-1057

(Davidson County)

(615) 350-2700

*Use the zip code 37209-1056 for offender correspondence.


The Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility (DSNF) provides a number of services for the Department to offenders with multiple and complex medical problems, including acute and convalescent health care, intensive mental health intervention, three skilled nursing units in the Health Center to provide care for offenders recovering from surgery or serious illness, housing for offenders whose treatment regimen is not manageable at other TDOC facilities, inmates with long-term medical needs, and a community hospital to provide inpatient and outpatient care for the offender population in a designated secure area.

Other hospitals are also utilized for specialized care not available in the contract hospital. Specialty clinics, short-stay surgeries, individual treatment and diagnostic services, not available in other facilities, are provided to the offenders from all facilities through the utilization of DeBerry Special Needs Facility's Transportation Team, Transient Unit, Health Center, and contract staff at DSNF.

Mental health units are provided for offenders with acute mental health needs. The Mental Health Program is designed to stabilize the offender and move him through a process where the offender takes more responsibility for his behavior and mental health. In addition, there are units for the mentally challenged and a sheltered workshop program available to offenders in this unit.

An Assisted Living Unit is located at this facility for TDOC offenders who are aged or infirm and unable to care for themselves within a traditional prison population.

It is the mission of the DeBerry Special Needs Facility to provide acute, sub-acute, long-term acute, chronic and palliative health care that is high quality, safe, integrative, efficient, cost-effective and ethical, in a safe and secure environment.

Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility is partnered with the Highway Construction Technician Certification Program (HCTCP) which is a collaboration between TDOC and TDOT as part of the re-entry process into the construction workforce.  Individuals for the program must be a minimum-trustee, meet the qualifications for the program, interview with the company, and complete training.    Training consists of a three month course.  Two months are classroom instruction and one month is an apprenticeship with a construction company that is a part of the HCTCP program. Individuals, who successfully complete the training work, with HCTCP approved construction companies.