Morgan County Correctional Complex

Mike Parris

Warden Mike Parris

541 Wayne Cotton Morgan Drive

P.O. Box 2000

Wartburg, Tennessee 37887

(Morgan County)

(423) 346-1300

*Use P.O. Box 2000 for offender correspondence.

The Morgan County Correctional Complex (MCCX) is located in East Tennessee.  A major expansion of the complex was completed in 2009. The prison includes 500,000 square feet and sits on 65 acres. MCCX is designed as medium security, with 120 beds designated for maximum security. The prison can house 2,441 offenders. With the completion of the MCCX expansion, the Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex was closed and resulted in a $3.6 million savings to the State of Tennessee.

MCCX is one of Morgan County's largest employers with 744 employees.

Programs available include:  Impact of Crime on Victims, GED Testing, Community Service Work Crews, Pro-Social Life Skills, Career Readiness and Pre-Release Programming. Substance Use Treatment is offered as a full-time modified therapeutic community assignment. Class duration is six months and accommodates approximately 100 individuals per year.

Community Service crews from MCCX provide thousands of hours of labor to local government and non-profit organizations each year.