Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is any unwelcome or unwanted conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or an aversion toward another person on the basis of any characteristic protected by law, which includes  an individual's race, color, gender, ethnic or national origin, age, religion, disability, marital status, genetic information or other personal characteristic protected by law. A conduct is unwelcome if the employee did not solicit, instigate or provoke it, and the employee regarded the conduct as undesirable or offensive. It is the policy of the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to provide all employees a safe work environment free from harassment. 


The Department is legally responsible for taking all reasonable steps necessary to prevent harassment from occurring. The Department’s steps in this regard include, but are not limited to, training, policy development, investigating complaints and taking appropriate corrective actions.


It is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to implement the Department’s policy on harassment in the workplace. Once issues of potential harassment are discovered, supervisors and managers are obligated to address and report such situations, even in circumstances where the managers and supervisors are not the direct manager or supervisor of the victim or the alleged harasser. Notification must be made to DIDD Human Resources or DIDD Office of Civil Rights.


Employees who believe they are or have been subjected to harassment in the work place have an obligation to report the incident(s). All DIDD employees have an obligation to:

• Adhere to the Department’s workplace harassment policy;
• Refrain from engaging in, condoning, tolerating or leaving uncorrected conduct that violates departmental policy;
• Report any violations of policy to a supervisor or manager;
• Cooperate with any investigation regarding a violation of policy.

It is important for all employees to understand that failure to utilize the Department’s internal procedures to report violations will hinder the Department’s ability to stop and correct any violations. It is the responsibility of all Department employees to ensure a discrimination free working environment.

Workplace Harassment Policy (DOHR)
The Workplace Harassment Intake Form can also be found on the link above.