Reportable Event Management

Reportable Event Management (REM) is one important component of an overall approach for ensuring the health, safety, individual freedom, and quality of life of people participating in home and community-based services (HCBS) and ICF/IID services. REM in CHOICES, ECF CHOICES, Katie Beckett, 1915(c) waiver, and ICF/IID programs involves a partnership between TennCare, the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD), Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Fiscal Employer Agents (FEAs) and providers of HCBS and/or ICF/IID services who all have a role in making REM an effective tool for ensuring the highest possible quality of life by honoring the self-determination of people receiving HCBS and ICF/IID services.

The overall REM approach must also ensure that people, involved family members, and/or natural supports, as appropriate, are informed about supporting dignity of choice, including informed decision making, tolerable risks, risk mitigation, and how to safely report an event that compromises the health, safety, individual freedom, and/or quality of life of a person supported.

Forms and Other Information

Forms can now be found under REM Resources > Additional Resources