What We Do

Enabling Technology

Enabling Technology is equipment and/or methodologies that, alone or in combination with associated technologies, provides the means to support the individual’s increased independence in their homes, communities, and workplaces. The service covers purchases, leasing, shipping costs, and as necessary, repair of equipment required by the person to increase, maintain or improve his/her functional capacity to perform daily tasks that would not be possible otherwise. All items must meet applicable standards of manufacture, design and installation.

Enabling Technology includes remote support technology systems in which remote support staff and/or coaches and/or natural supports can interact, coordinate supports, or actively respond to needs in person when needed.  Remote support systems are real time support systems which often include two-way communication.

Enabling technology is an available support option for all aspects and places of participants’ lives.

  • These systems use wireless technology, and/or phone lines, to link an individual’s home to a person off-site to provide up to 24/7 support.  
  • These systems include the use of remote sensor technology to send “real time” data remote staff or family who are immediately available to assess the situation and provide assistance according to an individual support plan (ISP). 

Employment Innovation and Day Services 

We have the ability to offer greater independence at every step of the employment process – pre-employment software apps; rideshare or GPS-driven software apps to travel; remote, virtual or mobile technologies for on the job.

  • Technology Supported Pre-Employment
  • Remote Job Supports and Mobile Technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • Technology Supported Transportation Options
  • Work Outcomes Redefined: Telework

Workforce Development & Transformation

The Department is supporting multiple ways to facilitate providers’ integration of Enabling Technology. The goals of these efforts include:

  1. Establishment of a complementary between Enabling Technology and paid staff support, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)
  2. Building capacity
  3. Aligning DSP job descriptions and roles with Enabling Technology (Remote Direct Support Professionals) to create a new career path and compensation opportunities.

Specific paths to these goals are:

  • Technology First Accreditation
  • Enabling Technology Credentialing and Certification 

Innovation & Dissemination

The Endless Pursuit of What’s Next: Today’s enabling and remote technologies excite us because of where we started; but we cannot let our excitement engender complacence. The technology world is changing and, if we make the commitment, we will be able to reach and touch the leading edge. Our pursuit of what’s next evolves, but now includes:

  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • Apps designed for transportation and independent travel
  • Emerging speech recognition technology
  • Eye gaze technology