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Broadband Ready Communities

Political subdivisions may submit documentation to request designation as a broadband ready community pursuant to Public Chapter 228, 4-3-709.

Designated Broadband Ready Communities:

  • Town of Ashland City
  • Carter County
  • Coffee County
  • Claiborne County
  • Cumberland County
  • Giles County
  • Grainger County
  • Hancock County
  • Hartsville/Trousdale¬†County Metro Government
  • Hickman County
  • Houston County
  • Jackson County
  • Lawrence County
  • Lincoln County
  • City of¬†Loretto
  • Marion County
  • Meigs County
  • Overton County
  • Rhea County
  • Roane County
  • Smith County
  • Union County

Please complete the information below. The community must attach the duly executed ordinance or policy at the end of this application that shows the statutory requirements outlined below have been met. This is required in order to receive consideration. Include any additional information demonstrating community support for broadband related activities.

The following EXAMPLE, drafted by a fellow Tennessee community, is available to assist political subdivisions in drafting their own ordinance or policy. This example should be used for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Political subdivisions should consult with their legal counsel concerning the appropriate approach for their respective communities to customize as necessary to comply with any local laws, rules, procedures or policies.