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Assistance for Communities with Hospital Closures

Because of the importance of high-quality healthcare to rural economic development, TNECD is working to help communities whose hospitals have closed in recent years. TNECD recognizes that the closure of the hospital leads to increased use of Emergency Management Services and puts a strain on those services and that communities may be responsible for keeping records from the former hospital. Up to $50,000 is available to communities whose hospital has closed in the last five years for EMS or IT equipment that is needed due to the closure. 

Applications for funding are due by March 22. One application will be accepted per county with a closure. Equipment can include AED devices, transport equipment, cardiac equipment, or other equipment for ambulances, IT equipment needed for record keeping for the closed hospital, IT equipment needed for telehealth, or communication equipment for EMS services. To discuss other needs, please contact Brooxie Carlton at or 615-336-2481.

A 5% match is required for this funding. It is expected that the community or applicant will put at least $2,600 toward the project. The budget can be uploaded below. Awards will be announced in April and the projects are expected to be contracted in May.