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The  Individualized  Education  Account  (IEA)  Program  is  a  school  choice  program  for   eligible  students  with  disabilities.  The  IEA  Program  gives  parents  and students access  to  public  education  funds  to  use  on certain  types  of  approved  educational  expenses  that  best  meet  their  own  unique  needs.  

The 2022-23 IEA Account Holder Handbook provides the most comprehensive information for parents about the IEA Program, including student eligibility, how to enroll a student in the IEA Program, the rights and responsibilities of account holders, how IEA funds can be used, and much more.

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  • See the IEA Resources webpage for resources for parents, including a list of resources for parents of students with disabilities.
  • See the IEA Training webpage for training opportunities and recorded webinars specifically designed for parents interested in learning more about the IEA Program and current account holders.
  • See the IEA Frequently Asked Questions webpage for answers to frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in applying to enroll your child in the IEA Program, please read the articles on the following webpages:

Parents can apply to enroll their child in the IEA Program following the instructions on the IEA Student Application & Renewal webpage.

If you have questions about the IEA Program and/or if you need accommodations to access IEA materials, please contact

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For additional support in reviewing all aspects of your Individualized Education Account Program options, contact the parent center in your region or local advocacy organization.


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